What is a narrative essay

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For students or schoolchildren writing essays is an integral part of learning. In general terms, such work can be described as a small informative presentation on any topic. The method of transmitting information contained in the abstract can be both written and oral. Both options involve the compilation of structured text based on several sources.

There are some features of writing essays. They are based on making the text more professional. It is appreciated in any educational institution. Moreover, there are such universities where more serious requirements are imposed on students in terms of writing written papers.

Starting work on the essay, you must remember that the most important thing in the text is a clear transfer of thought. In this case, a characteristic feature is that you need to convey your attitude to the material presented. To do this, take a few sources. Their choice is always based on a specific topic. Its author can choose independently, or it is established by the teacher.

Literature is selected directly under the topic of the abstract. In this case, you can take both old and modern sources. This may be diverse literature, for example, books, articles and so on. They should be well studied by choosing their main ideas. Literally, with his report you can use only some phrases, for example, the statement of the author.

As soon as the list of references is compiled, it is necessary to make a plan for the future essay. Mandatory points in it will be considered: introduction, main part, conclusion, list of references, title page. It is also important to pay attention to the appearance of the abstract.

Registration of references

It is not strange, but this section is given special attention. The fact is that students are not as serious about him as they should be. Therefore, teachers say that this list contains the most errors. All literature should be grouped according to the following principle. First encyclopedic sources are prescribed. Then the general literature on the topic of the essay is indicated. In this case, the author’s surname is first written, and only then his initials and the title of the book. Then there are links to newspapers or magazines, depending on where the information was taken from.